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Software products

Software Solutions

Our solution portfolio includes:

  • Archimed NXT - Proven in last 20 years inside more than 200 organizations, as Client/Server business process and content management solution, Archimed NXT is an affordable, fast & easy to implement, collaboration management platform for managing configurations, business processes, document workflows and corporate communications. Working standalone or integrated, Archimed modules are focused to ensure an efficient environment for managed team collaboration.

  • Archimed MRO - Light, yet powerful Maintenance, Repair & overhaul Client/Server solution for Nuclear Power Plant, certified by IAEA Wien.  Archimed MRO is a MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) Client/Server software, designed and developed for safe, reliable, stable and predictable maintenance work in the areas of energy, transport and infrastructure. Archimed MRO provides automation in planning, implementation and monitoring of all maintenance activities, both for capital and emergency repairs, based on the Configuration changes.

  • Archimed NKM - Flexible knowledge management platform for enterprise knowledge capture and distribution portals, developed together with IAEA, Wien. Archimed NKM is a strong foundation for creating Knowledge Management and Institutional Memory solutions, where all the company/organization content is related to the specific cases in so called "knowledge networks". Using Case based Reasoning (CBR), Archimed KM help the organizations capture, link, keep and distribute the most precious information assets and personal skills in a highly structured way.  

  • Smart Fuel - Microsoft .Net based software solution providing tools for registration, control, planning of and reporting trough lifecycle of nuclear and non-nuclear assets inside a NPP premises. It consolidates different information from various departments of the NPP, enhances the traceability of the nuclear fuel and supports decision-making processes. At present time, two reactor types and their specific elements and business logic is supported:
    • VVER-440: fuel assemblies, hermetic containers, nozzles, shield assemblies, stoppers and storage racks;
    • VVER-1000: burnable absorber rods, control rods, control rod casks, dummy control rods, dummy fuel assemblies, fuel assemblies, hermetic containers and stoppers.
    • On demand, any new reactor configuration can be easily hanged trough changing configuration parameters.

Find more about SmartFuel here (PDF, 8 Mb) : SmartFuel presentation

  • dataFruit IoT - hardware/software IoT solution for remote monitoring, preventive notification and prediction of future events inside electro-mechanical equipment and machinery. Ready to be deployed configurations for hydro/nuclear power equipment, press machines manufacturing, CNC machines manufacturing. Find more here: https://www.datafruit.eu/en/

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