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Engineering services


Trough its  daughter company SpaceCAD Ltd., DAVID Holding Co. provides the manufacturing and engineering companies with engineering automation solutions and services since 1996.

Working closely with partners and customers, customers, DAVID Holding Co. is providing effective solutions and engineering services for design and manufacturing in heavy industries and transportation, power generation, infrastructure and manufacturing.

DAVID Holding has built up its trusted reputation of responsible partner in engineering and manufacturing automation market. At present time, (September 2015) DAVID Holding provides the full spectrum of solution and engineering service for the engineering and manufacturing companies:

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  • Product design (CAD)
  • FEM/FEA optimization
  • Process simulation and optimization (CAE)
  • CAM/CNC/DNC automation
  • Professional Engineering Service
  • 3D laser scanning and point cloud processing
  • Other, engineering related


DAVID Holding has adopted and supports ISO 9001:2000, ISO 27000 and ISO 20000 certified workflows for product design that guarantee the quality of our engineering services through:

  • Risk analysis and risk prevention planning
  • Phase/gate project management
  • Information security control
  • Service infrastructure and process safety
  • Customers' requirements tracking and industry standards compliance
  • Third party copyrights respect.

SpaceCAD company profile reference services are described here (PDF) ...

You may look at our engineering service on this link: http://www.screencast.com/t/IjQRmoSY 


Single contact phone
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e-mail: info at david.bg

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